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Wedding Details Usually Forgotten!

Updated: Jul 11

Detailed wedding planning is so crucial to pull off a great event. Often times couples who don't have a Planner or Coordinator get overwhelmed by all the details that no one ever thinks of before the big day!

In this section, we will shed light on those often-forgotten wedding details that can elevate your celebration from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you're a bride-to-be or a wedding planner, this candid guide will ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to creating a memorable and flawless wedding experience. So let's dive in and uncover those hidden gems that will make your special day truly unforgettable!

Number One: OVERNIGHT BAG. Pack a few personal items to change into after your wedding and have someone take them to your hotel/ suite room. Many couples spend the night of the wedding at a hotel or in a suite that comes as a part of a venue package so they may not have their suitcase or belongings at that venue... especially if they got ready in another location. After a long day celebrating you may just want to change out of your clothes and relax so pack an overnight bag a few days before the wedding and assign someone to take it to your hotel room on the wedding day.

Number Two: YOUR ID CARD. If you have a getaway at the end of the night beyond the regular check-in hours don't forget your ID. The hotel will turn you away if you have no proof of identity. It's such a small item but it has big implications! You'll need it for the purchasing and consumption of alcohol as well.

Number Three: EAT N' HYDRATE. Couples often forget that in the midst of the excitement it is very important to take a break and just eat something. This is the moment where you should really take in all the food you picked to keep yourself energized. While you eat just make sure to hydrate. Keeping water nearby at all times or just knowing where the nearest water station is located is always handy!

Number Four: ICE. This is often overlooked when having an outdoor venue or having a catering team that does not provide ice on site. Also, remember that ice will melt in outdoor spaces particularly fast in the summer so you need to have overage to cover for that. A rule of thumb is to have 2 lbs per guest just to make sure your ice will last throughout the event. A pro tip is to have coolers on site to store ice that will not be immediately used.

Number Five: BUSTLE VIDEO. There are multiple ways to bustle a dress and some ways can be more complex than others given the style of dress. Since this can be complex you always want to have/ capture a video of the instructions directly from the seamstress at the dress fitting and/ or alteration. It makes for a much easier transition on the wedding day because anyone can refer to that video in case the designated person is not around at the time it needs to get done.

Number Six: EMERGENCY KIT. Even when everything is perfectly planned some things can still go wrong. Not to worry, however, because you would have your emergency kit! These kits usually are small and have a few items such as hair pins, bobby pins, buttons, a needle, and some thread. Larger ones with more items can be customized to also carry medication, special props or any other much-needed item for the bride or groom. Assign someone to be in charge of the kit so that when needed it is easily located.

Number Seven: TIPS. Typical vendor etiquette is to provide your vendors with the necessary tips close to or at the end of the event. If the vendor is set to leave before the event is over, ensure to assign someone that provides that vendor with his or her tips at the appropriate time, It helps to have separated envelopes that are addressed to each vendor by the name of the company they work for.

Number Eight: TRANSPORTATION. Couples often forget their arrival and get away cars. It is good to do some research about car rentals, classic car rentals and excursion companies. If you have a specific vision in mind consider looking into wedding transportation earlier. You may also want to consider out-of-town guests who need to get around when they visit. It is good to have a suggested rental company list ready or group transportation booked for them in advance.

Number Nine: VENDOR MEALS. Paying for catering is already a huge part of what makes a wedding budget seem small so it's very likely that couples count guests and forget about vendors. Many vendors who are expected to stay longer than 5 hours expect a meal at the wedding. Some make it clear in their contract but others may not; It can be at your discretion to feed them or just a great gesture since they will be there to make your day great!

Number Ten: VENDOR OVERTIME. With all weddings it's common for things to run overtime. Unfortunately, sometimes that means extra cost. Before asking a vendor to stay overtime confirm what the cost would be, you may just have to consider utilizing the time already paid for.

Number Eleven: RESERVED SEATING. The first two rows at the ceremony are usually designated for immediate relatives so having reserved signs may help guests know where they should sit.

Number Twelve: PHOTO WRANGLER. When the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and photos take place in different locations, a designated person who finds friends and family members for photos comes in very handy! The official family photography session can be a smooth process if someone designated is finding all the individuals expected to be in the pictures in the sequence necessary. Choose a person who is familiar with both sides of the family and bridal party who can easily find and ask people to get into the photo lineup.

Number Thirteen: MUSIC SELECTION. If you hired a professional DJ then usually they have a questionnaire that helps you decide on your music selection. If you have a virtual or DIY-style DJ it's best to select your song playlist in advance and have a friend that can control what is playing on a shared playlist.

Number Fourteen: MARRIAGE LICENSE. It's the legally binding document that shows proof that you married your honey! Taking time out to apply for it and having it signed early on helps you get a major part of your wedding out of the way. Remember to have someone provide it to your officiant and after the wedding ceremony collect it from the officiant to be mailed.

Number Fifteen: GIFT WRANGLER. Guests may wait until the wedding day to present you with gifts so prepare to have someone designated to collect and place gifts where you can access them later; whether in the getaway car, with your parents, or in the bridal/ honeymoon suite.

Number Sixteen: PERSONAL ITEMS. Many brides love to have their own personalized items present at the wedding. To ensure those items are in place on the day, it's good to designate someone to be in charge of getting the items from you to hand them over to whoever is in charge of placing them in their appropriate spots. For the very DIY bride you may need to create an organized cheat sheet that allows your set-up team to know exactly where things should go.

Number Seventeen: GUESTBOOK PENS. One popular way that is known to also capture memories is your guestbook! The guestbook is usually a feature all by itself so you don't want to forget to bring it and of course don't forget you need to bring pens! With how many creative new ideas exist for guestbooks ensure your pens and props are packed with your guest book so that you get as many interactions and signings from your guests.

Number Eighteen: TEAR DOWN CREW. At the beginning of the event all vendors, coordinators, planners, designated family members and friends are usually there to set up your venue but often no one stays to take things down. Ensure to designate a team of reliable people who can help with the tear-down when the event is over. You may have strict limitations with how long a space is rented and you really want to make sure you don't have to pay additional fees for staying past your booked time or leaving the items at the venue.

Number Nineteen: DETAILS FOR PHOTOS. All those stationary cards you sent out before your wedding are still very much a part of your big day. Make sure you pack your Save the Dates and Invitation Cards for detail photos. You'll be happy you did when you get your pictures back!

Number Twenty: PLAN FOR BAD WEATHER. Depending on where you live the weather in your city may be more predictable or unpredictable. It can be very stressful for a couple that has an outdoor event since inclement weather can happen at any time, When booking your venue look for options that can provide a weather backup or solutions for continuing outdoors (tent rentals for examples).

Number Twenty-One: CONTACT PERSON. Come wedding day the first few hours can become very chaotic which leaves very little time to check your phone. By having someone designated as the point of contact person you can rest assured that guests and vendors will have someone to guide them throughout the day.

Number Twenty-Two: SPOUSE GIFTS. The day goes by so quickly that you want to savor those precious moments right before you two become one. Gift-giving is now a common tradition and is seen as a token of love from one partner to the other. Designate a friend to bring your spouse's gift to them before the wedding during the time they are setting up to get ready.

Number Twenty-Three: STAY STRESS FREE. It is normal for things to get delayed, moved around and forgotten but don't forget to breathe! No seriously... you've spent a lot of time planning and saving for your event. You've done all you could do to make your vision come true and now is the time to just enjoy it! No matter what happens, good or bad, try to remain stress-free and live for every single moment on that day because it's all about you!

In summary, it is important to pay attention to the often-forgotten wedding details. While the big aspects of a wedding, such as the venue and dress, may take center stage, it is the small details that can truly make a difference in creating a memorable and seamless event.

Remembering to include these often overlooked details can also alleviate stress on the wedding day itself. By having a well-thought-out plan in place, couples can relax and enjoy their special day without worrying about any last-minute surprises.

So, when planning your wedding, take some time to consider those easily overlooked details. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you'll be able to create a truly unforgettable celebration of love.

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