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16 Budget-Saving Tips for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is arguably the most important day of your life and making it special is always the top priority. Many couples can not afford the luxurious side of wedding planning but who says the perfect wedding has to be costly? Here are 16 ways to save for your big day.

Rule Number One: Think Off-Season.

Peak Seasons are between March and October, it will save you quite a bit to host your wedding in off-seasons; November to March. Look out for venues offering off-season discounts before you fall in love with a date.

Rule Number Two: Avoid Weekends.

Weekend weddings have always been in demand so venues usually charge more for Saturday weddings and often the same for Sundays. If your wedding must be on a weekend, ask about un-booked dates for the possibility of a discount.

Rule Number Three: Choose Artificial or In-Season Flowers.

Local and seasonal flowers will decrease your overall floral budget because the shipping, and availability will be in your favor.

Rule Number Four: Venue with Natural Décor.

Event décor can add up quickly, a great way to save is by choosing a venue that already looks great without much additional help. Minimal décor for space customization will still be required but it definitely helps you save!

Rule Number Five: Opt for All-Inclusive Venues.

Keep an eye out for venues that offer an all-inclusive experience. Do your research and make good comparisons for what a venue may offer and how that matches your overall vision. Also remember that an all-inclusive venue will already have licenses and insurance to host the various aspects of your event (Loud music, capacity, alcohol).

Rule Number Six: Hire a Day of Coordinator/ Planner.

You may think you are saving money by planning everything yourself or having a family member help but you could save yourself a lot of hardships by hiring a professional in the field to help you. From understanding contracts to sourcing vendors, hiring a pro will save time and money.

Rule Number Seven: Tighten your bridal party.

Choosing fewer people for your bridal party can save you extra on favors, florals and gifts. While it may be tempting to have a large entourage of friends and family by your side, opting for a smaller bridal party can actually help you cut costs in various areas. Remember, choosing fewer people for your bridal party doesn't mean sacrificing the significance or joy of sharing this special day with loved ones. It simply means being strategic with your resources and finding ways to save without compromising on what truly matters – celebrating love surrounded by those who mean the most to you.

Rule Number Eight: Consider Renting Your Wedding Attire.

There are many boutiques that offer rentals for both brides and grooms. You can rent a full attire that will look breathtaking at a much lower budget.

Rule Number Nine: Start with Basic Packages.

A vendor or venue may allow you to easily increase or upgrade your package but usually will not allow you to downgrade your contract terms. Start with the minimum they offer and as you find room in your budget for an increase you can add it later.

Rule Number Ten: Buttercream Instead of Fondant.

Wedding cakes can get pretty pricey so simply switching your cake finish to buttercream icing saves you some dollars. So, if you're looking for ways to trim your wedding budget, consider this simple switch! Your wallet will thank you, and your guests will still get to enjoy a delectable slice of cake on your special day.

Rule Number Eleven: Pastries Instead of Cake.

If you and your partner have different tastes in food, a great alternative that will also save you money is using fun pastry displays to appeal to a wider taste selection. Cupcakes and donuts are great cake alternatives!

Rule Number Twelve: Repurpose Your Flowers.

Have your florist design or create flowers that can be moved and used for centerpieces, head table backdrops and other decorative tables. You can also utilize your bridal party bouquets after the ceremony and place them in vases to make centerpieces for each table.

Rule Number Thirteen: Hire a Great DJ.

Utilize the diversity a DJ can offer! A DJ can replace a live band or an MC and really help give your wedding an overall polished feeling because they will always try to match the mood. You can even get all these bonus services for a flat fee - now that's a win-win!

Rule Number Fourteen: Wedding Website.

Planning a wedding can be an exciting yet expensive endeavor. However, there are ways to save on your budget without compromising the magic of your special day. One cost-saving tip is to utilize a wedding website as a central hub for all information related to your big day. Not only does this help you cut down on stationary expenses, but it also allows you to easily communicate any updates or changes regarding the event. Guests can access the website at their convenience and stay up-to-date with important details such as venue changes, schedule adjustments, and RSVPs.

Rule Number Fifteen: Attend Wedding Trunk Shows.

It takes a lot of research to really know what options are available to you so one way to get a vast amount of information on vendors and pricing in your area is to attend your local wedding vendor trunk show. It will give you so many more options and the opportunities to receive discounts and win prizes that save you on great wedding must-haves!

Rule Number Sixteen: Repurpose Furniture.

Just like flowers, you can save money by renting less furniture and reusing them after the ceremony for the reception. It will require a team to do so but that is something family can do to help!

In summary, there are several budget-saving tips that can help you have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank. From considering your wedding dates carefully to repurposing flowers or furniture, you can significantly cut down on costs while still creating a stunning atmosphere for your special day.

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