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10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks!

Planning a wedding can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. From choosing the perfect venue to selecting the right vendors, there are countless decisions to be made. But fear not, as we have compiled a list of 10 essential wedding planning tips and tricks to help you navigate through this magical journey with ease.

Whether you're a bride-to-be or a groom-in-waiting, these tips will provide you with valuable insights and practical advice that will make your wedding planning process smoother and more enjoyable. So grab a pen and paper, take notes, and get ready to dive into the world of wedding planning like a pro!

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1. Budget Comes first

Everyone always starts with the guest list and then quickly realizes how expensive it is to quote for the number of people they really want to attend their wedding. Sit down with your fiancé and write down how much you can afford to spend, add that to any financial contributions from your family and that's your overall budget for the entire event. Most couples end up spending more than they planned to and end up with high credit card bills or loans. A rule of thumb is to give yourself at least 5% contingency on the budget you created.

2. Make a Priority List

Think about whether it is more important to have the aesthetic, food or quantity of people there. Have a deep conversation about the priorities of this wedding while putting the things that bring you absolute joy at the top of the list. Think about the venue, type of music, type of food, accessibility to amenities and the type of photography covers you most desire. Take everything and give them a percentage total all together out of 100 and that's the portion of your budget you should spend on them.

3. Investigate Blackout Dates

Research your preferred wedding date with things happening in the area where you'll be getting married. Think about major holidays, conferences, fairs, or any other type of event that could cause hotels to be booked up and heavy traffic on the road. Consider keeping your date a little more flexible or the location more flexible.

4. Hire a Planner

Yes, I said it! Hire a planner even though it feels like an additional expense. Your planner can save you so much money by helping you find resources, budget management, finding vendors who match your preferences, and giving you tips about what to ask, expect or look for when choosing your venue. Your wedding planner is like your consultant/ advisor and will have problem-solving solutions ready to go. If a full-service planner is out of your price range you can still opt for a day of coordinator to ensure the month leading up to your wedding and the day itself go smoothly just as you envisioned.

5. Your Guest Count Matters

Develop your guest count so you can provide all your vendors with the estimated number closest to realistic expectations and they will give you more accurate quotes for each item. The guest count will mainly affect how you select your venue, the floral quote if you have tables you'll decorate, the rental quote for a tent, chairs, tables, linens, and the biggest expense of them all... the catering and bar total.

6. Mother Nature Marks the Day!

Check the weather history of the state/ country where you will host your wedding. Guests will leave earlier if the event is outdoors during unbearably hot summers and extremely cold winters. Plan your timeline to ensure you say your vows and get the ceremony completed in a timely manner so you can take sunset photos as you wish. Also, keep in mind any likely insects or pests that are more likely to be around during the event time (ex. mosquitos at night).

7. Consolidate Your Spending

Whether you choose one big loan, a high-rewards credit card or your main bank account, it's best to spend from one place so it's easier to track what you spend and stay within budget. if you use a high-rewards credit card you'll be able to use your points for something else later.

8. Trust Your Vendors

The best part about booking your coordinator or planner is having access to other vendors they know and trust. You can even get a list from your venue so you know who's already worked with them. Trust your team of vendors to work together in making your day awesome. Here at The Lainey Rose we only recommend people we know will take care of you!

9. Let Your Personalities Shine!

Forget about including every tradition and make the day your own! Eat pizza if that's your favorite food, and incorporate all your core memories into your wedding theme. Your wedding planner can help you develop a theme and structure your wedding in a way you will love.

10. Ask and You Might Receive

If you ever have questions or requests during the process of booking or would like to change it later, never be afraid to ask for clarification or adjustments. Use the art of negotiation to your advantage! Most vendors are happy to serve you especially if you are clear on what you expect or desire from your wedding day.

In conclusion, these essential wedding planning tips and tricks can help ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch. From setting a budget and creating a timeline to choosing the right vendors and staying organized, these tips cover all the key aspects of wedding planning. Remember to communicate openly with your partner, delegate tasks when needed, and most importantly, enjoy the journey leading up to your big day. With proper planning and preparation, you can create a memorable wedding that reflects your unique love story.

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