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Cracked Rocks

Our Story 


Photo By Jacal Productions

Hi, I'm Jheanelle

Being a former Interior Designer I have an eye for detail and decor. I pride myself  on creating unique designs tailored to each client  with the style that matches their ideal vision.


The main reason I became an wedding planner is to help people find resources with the aim to achieve a beautiful event. My love for weddings sparked when I got  married to my Husband Raheem. Weddings are my absolute favorite thing to plan and I dedicate all my time and attention so that my clients always feel understood. I never work alone and will always have my husband (photographed with me) or other team members with me on event day.  


I chose the name Lainey Rose as tribute to my mother, best friend and grandmother. 

You've met me and I'd love to meet you!  

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